The Hearing Nepal Program

The Hearing NEPAL Program has grown since 2009 out of an association between Australian and Nepali people with a like-minded wish to relieve the suffering surrounding ear disease and hearing loss.

The focus of the Program, which continues to grow and evolve, is presently on primary ear care, education and rehabilitation.

This is only possible through partnership with the Nepali organisation Nepal Association of the Hard of hearing (NAHOH) which provides the essential expertise for primary ear examination, follow-up and referral, as well as culturally-appropriate guidance on the way services are delivered.

The challenges of providing these services, especially to those living in remote villages (which comprise a large percentage of Nepal’s population) have been many, however with ever-growing support and determination of the team members, these are being overcome.

On an ongoing basis, HearingNEPAL supports a weekly primary ear care clinic in the Kathmandu Valley as well as outreach camps to disadvantaged areas.

Several remote Ear Camps are undertaken every year, with the results of each trip reported on the website ( see below link)

With the goal of developing a sustainable program for the people in Nepal, formal partnerships have been developed between the HearingNEPAL Program Inc. and NAHOH, Kopan Monastery and other Nepali associations.

The HearingNEPAL Program Inc. itself has evolved and is in the process of obtaining charitable status and AusAID recognition as a Donor Gift Recipient, which will facilitate further fundraising. Monetary donations to enable continuation of this work can be made via the website

There is an ongoing need for further resources in the form of hearing aids and assistive devices to offer to those who require them.

How can you help?

Donations of used BTE hearing aids or personal amplifiers can be made by sending to:

HearingNEPAL Program

PO Box 599

Cannonvale   QLD  4802