School Testing

Broadway Audiology are simply awesome! We are an Italian Bilingual School in Sydney. Pia and her team have come out to the school over the past few years and give the students are full range of testing in regards to hearing that allow the school to prepare for any necessary intervention further down the educational journey of each individual student. They are extremely professional and deliver a service that is efficient in all areas of the service they provide. I highly recommend them in every way.

Sudden hearing loss

I can only praise the people at Broadway Audiology who took the time to see me in caring for me, despite my sudden request. It is very much appreciated as my sudden hearing loss is now disabling me. and I have to adjust to this situation. To have professionals like Rom and Pia who show their empathy is very valuable and comforting. A big thank you.

"hearing aids are terrific"

I have consulted with Monica for over 20 years for my hearing loss. Recently I purchased Signia hearing aids which Monica and Pia helped me with. Their limitless patience with me is outstanding. Their professionalism superb. They go way beyond. The hearing aids are terrific and minor problems can be dealt with remotely.

hearing help for a friend to socialise in small groups

Having received absolutely superb service and advice from Broadway Audiology myself, I had no trouble in coming up with an answer to the following predicament.

I have a very dear, but lonely older friend, who was despairing that nothing more could be done to help her to be able to hear better, and socialise in small groups. She is quite elderly and not very mobile, as her vision is also impaired.

Monica took the time to effect a home visit and reassure a very grateful lady.

Thank you, and well done Broadway Audiology!

Roslyn Raison
Lap Swimmer

Broadway Audiology made  swimmers plugs custom fitted for my ears.  They are great!  I swim laps regularly.  No more water and wax clogging my ears or ear infections!  They stay in my ears when I swim and they are bright red so I can see them easily if I drop them.  Thanks!  I highly recommend custom ear plugs for any one that swims regularly.  I’ll be returning for custom speaker buds for listening to to pod-casts and music on the train.

First hearing aids

Pia and Monica were wonderful! I was overwhelmed by the news that I would need hearing aids. They were calm, understanding and extremely helpful. I started with 1 hearing aid and had return trips to get the settings just right. My new device is effective and easy to use. I will go back for my second hearing aid in the near future.

Primary school students

I would like to thank Pia and Monica for their incredible patience, skill and professionalism. They screening 75 children’s hearing in only one day at my daughter’s school in Leichhardt.

Blocked ears

I recently had difficulties related to a blocked ear that caused me no end of distress after a recent overseas trip. The staff at Broadway Audiology not only alleviated my fears about the blockage, but also provided me with a very clear, concise hearing test that determined an asymmetrical hearing loss.
Pia and Monica provided information about the loss and helped me to understand inner ear function. Their care and gentle approach provided towards my hearing wellness and confidence. I highly recommend Broadway Audiology.

After sales attention

Monica and Pia provided the best hearing aid for my particular hearing loss, and they also provide lots of after sales attention if you need it when getting used to a new hearing device. Their professional work has changed my life—I can now confidently participate in conversations at work and at home. I recommend them highly.

Evan B.

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